Portable Peanut Gallery – AngelHack Seattle 2014

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Using Echoprint technology, I made a system to listen to what movie is playing and then automatically synchronize my Rifftrax audio files to the movie. This was my entry into AngelHack Seattle Spring 2014 There are a few parts to this system. First, I took a couple movie files and ran them through Echoprint-codegen, and… Read more »

Ludum Dare 29 – Bed Bug Hunt

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Using Unity3d, I created a simple game to fit the theme “Beneath the Surface”. It was an experiment involving moving individual vertexes of a mesh. This was made as my entry into Ludum Dare 29. The game is very simple, objects below the stripes are moving around and your task is to poke them. I… Read more »

Spheroid Cyclone

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My game for the month of January is Spheroid Cyclone, an endless runner made with Unity. Tap the left and right halves of the screen to rotate around the cylinder and avoid obstacles in a race for the top of the leaderboard. Spheroid Cyclone for Android/iOS iTunes App Store Google Play Store Amazon App Store

Cocos2d-x Box2D iOS/Android Hybrid Tutorial

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How to start a Cocos2d-X project designed for both iPhone/iPad and Android The Cocos2d-x project is always updating, so the latest tutorials on setting up a hybrid work environment aren’t completely accurate. Versions for this tutorial: Cocos2d-x: cocos2d-2.0-x-2.0.2 @ Aug 30 2012 XCode: v4.5 Android NDK: Android NDK, Revision 8b (July 2012) Here’s the basic… Read more »

PictoSphero – Sphero Hack Tour Seattle 2012

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I created a Cocos2d-iphone game for the iPhone/Sphero in 36 hours. When I got a Sphero from the Seattle Startup Weekend in May, I brainstormed what this thing could do.  I thought of a cool behavior for a Sphero, where it changes its color as it moves based on a picture of your choosing.  Friday,… Read more »

CopterDude/Twistris – Sphero Hack Tour Seattle 2012

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Update 9/29/2012: Twistris has been named Disc Groove and is on iTunes and Google Play Using Cocos2d-iphone, Objective-C and Sphero, I made a casual game which I find myself playing during short breaks. I was a small part of the Sphero Hack Tour in Seattle.  Oddly this project doesn’t overlap with any of my previous projects…. Read more »