Portable Peanut Gallery – AngelHack Seattle 2014

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Using Echoprint technology, I made a system to listen to what movie is playing and then automatically synchronize my Rifftrax audio files to the movie. This was my entry into AngelHack Seattle Spring 2014 There are a few parts to this system. First, I took a couple movie files and ran them through Echoprint-codegen, and… Read more »

Tizen Game w/ Facebook React – ColoReactor

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Using Facebook React UI Library and Socket.io, I created a game for the web, then ported it to the Tizen OS, which was pretty straight forward. If you’ve set up a PhoneGap project or an Android application, Tizen won’t be much different. The ByMyApp Team organized a Tizen Devlab and Hackathon at the SURF Incubator… Read more »

Socket.io Multiplayer Game – Blknode

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Using HTML5 Canvas, Socket.io and Node.js, my team created an online multiplayer Blokus clone. The rules of the game are simple: on your turn, you must place a piece touching the corner of one of your other pieces, and the piece’s faces must not touch the face of another of your own pieces. The person… Read more »

Facebook React Example – QuizTime

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Here is an example Facebook React web app I created at Facebook Seattle’s hackathon. I had the idea a little while before and React was the perfect way to update the DOM in a quick and responsive manner. You can check out the source code on GitHub. The Game The game itself is pretty simple…. Read more »

Seattle Startup Weekend 2012

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I used Node.JS, Express and MongoDB to create the back end for Seattle Startup Weekend group TableSurfing.org. On Friday night, Sheikh Shuvo presented the idea of building a tool that allows people to meet local chefs in their area as well as show off their own cooking skills. The idea got a lot of support,… Read more »