Create Temporary Phone Numbers Using Twilio

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Using Twilio and PHP, you can create a temporary phone number for your own purposes. You can put this on Craigslist for some ads, and delete the number when you’re done. The less tech-advanced can use Burner Phone, which also has more features than this particular script. I built my script for a most basic… Read more »

PubNub Acronym Game

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Using Twilio, PubNub and PHP, I created a simple acronym creation and voting game. See the demo in action. Check out the project on GitHub Another of my childhood games was Acrophobia. There are a few games like it nowadays, but none have the same audience or ambience as the original (ok, it was based… Read more »


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I attended Startup Weekend SLC from February 2-4. I was a part of team Buttermilk. The back end was created on an EC2 Micro instance running a standard LAMP server. The back end used PHP to deliver data from the MySQL database to the front end. The front was created using Knockout.JS and jQuery.

Click2Client – Call Me button

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I modeled Click2Client after a similar WordPress plugin, wp-click2call. My finished project was similar to the original, but did not have the same functionality (namely, the ability for the customer to call the author in one click). Luckily, it’s pretty simple to make a similar application very quickly. Here’s how: Install the wp-click2client plugin Create… Read more »

Nice Notes/Ward Directory

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(Posting from a Starbucks in Seattle, because it seemed like the right thing to do) I made a SMS service for people in my local church group to send each other anonymous compliments (nice notes) and receive responses. The process is simple: Send the following to the Twilio number: <First name> <Last name> <message> This… Read more »

Cat Facts (aka Annoy Your Friends)!

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A text conversation went viral a while ago, where a guy sent his friend text messages about cat facts, and then messed with him when he tried to get them to stop. It was a clever idea, and seemed like a quick app to make using Twilio, so I did. The initial system was made… Read more »

Get The Picture – Twilio & PubNub

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I played a game called Get The Picture when I was a kid.  It has disappeared, but the concept of making funny captions for images is still popular.  This was featured on the Twilio Blog not too long ago. The concept is simple: The host fires up the page on a big screen, then everyone… Read more »

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

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UPDATE: The code needed to be changed just a little, since the php function scandir did not work any more. Details below. I had my friend Drew (@VVADrew) do some voice work with a collection of funny thoughts for a Twilio contest a while back. The call will loop indefinitely, each time choosing a random… Read more »

Kingsley Resident Portal

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Using PHP and Knockout.js, I created a resident portal for Kingsley Management from the ground up. There are currently over 600 active users over 40 different parks. The system also handles all Online ACH Payments, both one-time and monthly recurring batch payments. Features: View Ledger information Update Personal Information Make Online Payments Contact Park Management… Read more »