Generate Map Tiles From Image

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This Python script,, will generate map tiles from images. The script accepts a png, jpeg or any PIL-compatible image. I revisited it and noticed that it had some issues with the latest version of networkx, so I updated it. I tested this in Python 2.7.2 with networkx 1.7 and PIL installed. Here’s how you… Read more »

I Do Voices – Simultaneous Catch Phrase via SMS

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This is an old one I did using Python (in Google App Engine). When you opt in by sending “Play” to the Twilio number, you are given a name of a person. You want to do everything you can to get others to guess this person, besides saying their name. Those who have played Catch… Read more »

Deep Thoughts by Jack Handey

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UPDATE: The code needed to be changed just a little, since the php function scandir did not work any more. Details below. I had my friend Drew (@VVADrew) do some voice work with a collection of funny thoughts for a Twilio contest a while back. The call will loop indefinitely, each time choosing a random… Read more »